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Angela Elliott - Screenwriter, Novelist

Repped by Julian Friedmann at Blake Friedmann 

Angela contributed to the BBC Global Concerns programme before moving into documentaries and film with Stanley Kubrick assistant Norrie Maclaren at Tartan Television and Plantagenet Films.  For Maclaren, Angela created over 30 documentaries, including gardening, environmental and scientific pieces. She scripted the feature length films and wrote with Director Lewis Gilbert's son, John Gilbert, and in association with actor Stewart Bevan.  She wrote for the Exec. Producer of the original "Top Gun", Bernie Williams.

Angela is the author of four novels, one of which, Some Strange Scent of Death, a fictionalised account of the disappearance of the Flannan lighthouse keepers in 1901, was featured on the Discovery Channels "Unexplained" series. Her most recent novel, "The Nine Lives of Antoine Montvoisin" was shortlisted in 2022 for the Mslexia Fiction Prize, judged by Hilary Mantel. 


Angela's degree was in Fine Art, and she worked in printing as a graphic artist on magazines and journals for several years eventually retraining as a semiconductor engineer in the microelectronics industry. She has also been a counsellor for victims of crime, specialising in gun crime, rape and sexual assault, domestic violence and bereavement by homicide. 

Angela is a bellringer, and editor of the quarterly Middlesex Bell News. She lives in London.

Recent Collaborators

Michael Stevenson 

A legend in the film industry, Michael is a winner of the Michael Balcon BAFTA lifetime achievement award for his work in British film. He began his career with the great David Lean and was 2nd AD on both “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago”” and his 1st AD on “Ryan’s Daughter”. He then worked as Stanley Kubrick’s 1st AD on “The Shining”. Other major films include “Barry Lyndon”, “The Hunger” and “Plenty”. 


John Dodds 

John Dodds joined the film Industry in 1974 working in the production department of movies including “The Eagle has Landed”, “Jabberwocky”, and “The Big Sleep”. Then as a 2nd Assistant Director on the films “The Fourth Protocol”, ”1984”, “White Mischief” and Tim Burton's “Batman”. John became a 1st Assistant Director and worked on big-budget films including “Cider with Rosie”, “Where Angels Fear To Tread”, “The Merchant of Venice” and “Flawless”. 


Stephen Walters 

Stephen has been involved with film and TV since the 1960s. Starting as a teenager alongside Carl Forman and David Lean, he became the latter’s research assistant in the late-1970s and collaborative writer in his later years. Some of the films he has been associated with are:  "Excalibur", "The Guns of Navarone", "Sparrows can’t Sing", "Oliver", "Mutiny on the Bounty", "Pyrates", and "Yellowbeard". In 1978 he worked on David Lean's "Bounty" project,  and this developed into a collaboration with Bernie Williams and Roger Donaldson.

James Walters 

James researched the uniforms for the film Bounty in 1984. He collaborated on TV documentaries "Real Captain Bligh" for Adam Bullmore, and the "Mystery of the Mary Celeste" with Clive Maltby. His core interest is historical research, locations work and the presentation of conceptual ideas for Production Design and Director.

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