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First Prize: Table Read of Full Script

2 Runner-Up Prizes: Feedback


Closing Date: 30th Nov 2022

Winner Announced: 6th January 2023

There are no cash prizes.

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ten minute table reads

Win a Table Read of Your Full Script

Script Reading Panel

The Script Reading Panel is made up of professional actors and scriptwriter, novelist and producer Angela Elliott. Each week we have an online table read of first 10 minutes of your scripts and we then discuss and give feedback. We post the read and feedback on Youtube and share links with the writers and on twitter.

The Script Reading Panel feels that now is the time to roll out a competition to win a full read by the panel, with feedback.

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  1. The closing date is 30th November 2022
  2. The competition is run by Angela Elliott and the Script Reading Panel via Londonshire Films Ltd.
  3. Scripts must not have been placed in any other competitions.
  4. Only pdfs are accepted.
  5. Only first draft unproduced scripts may be submitted.

  6. Submissions are accepted from anywhere in the world but must be written in the English language. 

  7. Scripts must be a feature length script, ideally 90 to 120 pages long, correctly formatted for film. No other format will be accepted. No TV format. No theatre or radio format. Just film.

  8. Writers must upload two pdf files:

    1. The full script with title page

    2. Page one of the script (not the title page, but the first text page).

  9. The title page should include the title, but no name or contact details.

  10. There is no monetary prize. The prize will be a table reading of your script in full.

  11. You remain the copyright owner of your script. You are advised to register your script with either WGAE or WGAW before submission.

  12. If you win you grant permission to the Script Reading Panel to read your script and record it. You grant permission for the recording to appear on Youtube.

  13. The non-returnable fee for entry is £10 GBP. Payment covers admin costs, read costs and fees for actors. There is no 'early bird' reduced fee, and no increase as we reach the closing date of 30th November 2022.

  14. Following submission closure date a long list will be drawn up from which a short list will be determined.

  15. You confirm that neither you nor any other of your representatives has any association with the Script Reading Panel other than that you may have submitted to the ten-minute sessions.

  16. The Script Reading Panel may not be held responsible in the unlikely event that someone else is already working on something of a very similar nature. If you are writing something that is already in the public domain then whilst copyright for original material resides with you the circumstances around that public domain event or character may be recreated by another.

The Rules

Have you Read the Rules?

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