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To Kiss The World Goodbye

Feature length historical biopic
Developed by Stephen Walters, James Walters, and Mason Cardiff

Scripted by Angela Elliott


​A much-loved German WW1 Iron Cross awarded film star imagines he can survive WW2 by making movies, but he’s Jewish and the Nazis have other ideas.

The true story of cabaret star, actor and director Kurt Gerron: his rise to stardom and his demise at the hands of the Nazis.

Fully scripted plus teaser presentation.

The Pullman Picnic Party

6-Part period drama series

Created and fully scripted by Angela Elliott


During the month of August 1876, a party of eminent Victorians tour England and Scotland in two Pullman railway cars. Forced into cramped quarters, friendships are tested, marriages break down and new relationships are formed.


Six episode fully scripted plus teaser presentation

Series 2 is outlined


Window trade landscape.jpg

Factually based on long-forgotten events

The Window Trade

Feature Length drama with series potential.

From an idea by Stephen Walters.
Scripted by Angela Elliott


When the Germans make a surprise attack on US military personnel at Slapton Sands in Devon, just two months before the D-Day landings, a group of young ‘boffins’ conceive a plan to discover how the enemy knew where the Americans were. Together with an SOE trained WREN they monitor a British raid on a German E-boat base on the French coast. All is not as it seems, and when WREN encounters a downed German pilot she faces truths about the enemy and as a result, herself.


Fully scripted plus teaser presentation

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